I love the SIMPLICITY of eZall! It makes life so much easier and bathing time so much faster.

I used the wall attachment applicator along with the multi-purpose shampoo and rinse while I was working in a western pleasure training barn. This product is by far the best way to give baths. When you have to get ten horses or more ready for a show, it saves so much time! It cleans to show quality with no residue left behind. When you use it with a stong steam of water, you get right down underneath the hair instead of just spraying the dirt that sits on top of the coat.

This is even a great tool for teaching young horses to bathe because it's quick. You don't have to make them stand for too long or deal with scrubbing parts body parts when they are not cooperating! Our show horses looked top notch everytime, even if was just a routine bath.

eZall is so different with its shampoo attachments and even with the car wash kit! They are Green as well and are dutifully helping horseowners be environmentally friendly without breaking the bank! The quality of their products is unsurpassed, and there is not another company that is as innovative as eZall when it comes to getting things clean, whether it is your horse, or livestock; Ezall is the number one product!

Ashlie Diego
Orrville, OH

I just want to thank you for such a wonder product.

Bathing has now become a favorite pass time for us. It used to be dreaded and dangerous for me and my daughter. My daughter is only 8 yrs. old and weighs a whopping 45 lbs. soaking wet, which use to happen a lot when we bathed the horses. The difficulties we had were that it was only the two of us to wash the horse. She wasn't big enough to hold the horse still and yet she wasn't big enough to scrub the hard to reach places. I spent hours chasing myself and the horse in circles trying to hold them and wash at the same time.

WELL now with our favorite Total Body Wash with the sprayer it's a breeze! I hold the horses and she goes around spraying them. She doesn't have to scrub the tops of their buttocks. She can just spray it and then rinse it off! And it's MUCH safer with me having the only job of holding the horses. Thank you for this product! It has made a world of difference for me and my daughter. We enjoy bathing them and they enjoy playing afterwards. It's a win-win for everyone! Pictures include our two horses. This is my daughter holding our yearling appy filly, Dolly. The other pictures are of Dolly playing with her buddy Jasper. Both had just gotten their Total Body Wash bath. They were both so clean and beautiful!

Thank you,
Cathey Larson
Florence, WI

I want to tell you just how much I LOVE EZALL!!

I want to tell you just how much I LOVE EZALL!! I have been using your products for a few years now, first and foremost because I have Shire drafts and could easily use a bottle of shampoo on each of them for a single wash! Besides that fact, it is a real challenge and effort washing all of them at one time-You may as well block out a good chunk of an afternoon to do it!!

The four Shires I have are all black and show dander and dust very easily... and trying to keep white feathers clean and white is just a maintenance nightmare! BUT eZall has met that cleaning challenge extremely well. Not only does it clean the best over any other I have tried but it does so with the least amount of effort.

I work part time for a local tack shop and can buy ANY product out there at cost (and I have tried many of them).....I now just use eZall AND I tell my Saturday customers the same thing. "Just save yourself some time and money and get eZall, because it's the best."

The Total Body Wash with spray foamer cleans without leaving any residue and gives an unbelievable shine that makes black hair gleam in the sun!! I have been using the new Shine & Detangler on MY OWN HAIR!!! It smells great and keeps my hair tangle free!! (people at the store look at me crazy when I tell them I use that on myself!!)

I recently found out that you have a shampoo for sensitive skin and wonder if that would help my Shire mare with her awful skin allergies. I would love to try it on her.

I am not one of the well-known competition riders. I am just a simple backyard horse owner who watches her money and spends wisely in order to keep her five horses healthy and happy and always looking their best! I am an eZall team member in my own mind!!!

Kind Regards,
Christina Fozio
Roman Ranch Registered Shires
Litchfield, OH

eZall has been a real time saver, plus it does such a wonderful job.

Same as a lot of ladies these days, I've a full time job, a family, a home and horses to take care of. Before eZall, I could count on spending pretty much a full day of my precious weekend bathing and grooming my 3 Tennessee Walkers including their saddle pads and other gear. That really cuts into the time left for me to spend actually riding them.

Once I got eZall, the process became so much easier and quicker; I've been able to bath a horse each evening during the week as needed and saved all that precious weekend time for riding. Plus, they seem to stay cleaner longer with this product; I suspect the other bathing products I used before left a dirt-attracting residue.

I've also found that if I'm trailering my horse to a ride site, I can easily bathe the horse just before I load him on the trailer and we show up all sparkling, clean and cool at the end of the trip.

I've also been using the eZall product on my wool back saddle pads. It’s wonderful because I just place the pad on a saw horse, wool side up and spray it down with water, spray the pad again this time using the eZall, let it sit for about 10 minutes, spray it clean and let the pad drip dry. Honestly the pads come out looking like new!

Thanks eZall!
Dana Caldwell
Houston, TX

eZall gets the dirt right out, no fussing needed!

My name is Michelle Myers, and I am the proud owner of a 17hh chestnut Thoroughbred gelding. He is 11 years old and is an ex-eventer that I now do show jumpers with. I found eZall at a local tack shop and decided to try it because I read on the web site that Phillip Dutton is part of Team eZall, and he is one of my favorite eventing riders!

My thoroughbred doesn't have much white on him, but that doesn't stop him from getting obnoxiously dirty! He absolutely loves to roll, especially after I hose him off after a long workout, so he gets caked in mud. It drives me bonkers when I get out to the barn with just enough time between class and work to get in a quick ride, and I find I have to brush off large amounts of half-dried mud first. During the warmer months, I just give him a quick bath instead! He does have one sock which he's really good at turning brown. The eZall Total Body Wash is great because it loosens up the dirt real quick, and I just have to rinse it all off.

eZall's effectiveness is also great because my horse hates getting baths. He lost a lot of confidence in his past career, both on the ground and under saddle. He hadn't been ridden in 2 years when I bought him, which certainly didn't help with the confidence issues, so I have been working very hard to keep his trust and willingness. However, getting a bath is one area he hasn't budged his dislike in, so with this product he doesn't have to endure a bath for a long amount of time.

I prefer eZall because it actually works. I have tried many products to get white areas really white, especially with the paint filly I had prior to this gelding. So many products say they clean great, but they just don't. Plus, as a college student, my money is tight the majority of the time. Of course, all extra pennies go towards stuff for my horse, so I'm glad I can afford a cleaning product that actually works. Thanks!

Michelle Myers
Lewis Center, OH

I love the eZall products, particularly the eZall Body Wash and Shine & Detangler!

My daughter and I show horses and we have gotten more comments on the shine of her palomino and the whiteness of my pinto since using eZall. You can see the dirt lifting off as it sits on them, especially on the white of my pinto, and we have never had a skin irritation problem. My pinto has sensitive skin, but the eZall does not bother him.

The eZall conditioner/detangler works wonders in getting the horses' tails smooth and shiny and they stay that way through the whole show. I also use it on my horse's fake tail and it adds a sheen to it to match his real tail.

The simplicity of using eZall also makes it our top choice. Bathing is much quicker and more effective now. More enjoyable and less of a chore.

Thanks for great products!
Pam Thielen
Elkhorn, NE

I love eZall because it is so good for my horse.

I love eZall because it is so good for my horse. It's great for her hair and never builds up and always rinses clean.

EZall has helped my horse with her fungus issues. In the fall and spring my horse would always get a type of fungus on her skin which would make her scratch and eventually create a bald spot where she was scratching and it would take forever for her hair to grow back, but when we use eZall to bathe her with she never develops the fungus, it's great! Plus her hair is silky and always feels clean!

The Total Body Wash is my favorite product because it makes bath time easy and quick. I'm never without it! And I don't have to use as much of it plus they get cleaner with it but it doesn't build up and make them have nasty, flaky skin, especially under their mane. I'm also anxious to try the new Shine & Detanlger!

Thanks so much,
Renee Crawford
Wewoka, OK

Everyday my horse just loves to make a mess of himself in the paddock.

I spend hours, brushing and bathing just to get the dirt off his coat. I watch other owners take their horses out and tack up in a matter of minutes, while I’m still cleaning my horse on the cross ties.

I've used every product available from our local tack shop and spent hundreds of dollars over time on products that promise to help keep a horse clean and shiney but the products would only last half the day, until my horse became dirty again. I thought I would have to keep up this routine for a very long time, which certainly doesn't help when I have a busy schedule doing clinics.

Luckily, after researching online, I came across eZall Total Body Wash and Shine & Detangler. This was my last resort and you know what? The best part about these products is they really DO work and proves that I can keep a messy horse, clean and shiny everyday! eZall products have reduced my grooming time in more than half and my horse looks and smells like a show champion every morning.

eZall proves it’s a winner for me!
Tanya Ghingold
Quebec, Canada

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